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About Us

About Global Pratibha International School

“Global Pratibha International School” (GPIS) is a co-educational, Best day-cum-boarding school in Dwarka, Sector 8, New Delhi. It is proposed CBSE school at Secondary Level. The School is founded by eminent Educators, IITians and Ex- IAS officers.

The School provides Integrated learning i.e. schooling with coaching in a Technology enabled environment State of Art infrastructure imparting Holistic Development to the students.


  • Fully Air Conditioned Classrooms
  • Activity rooms for kids
  • Labs
  • Music & Dance Room
  • Every Class supported by Digital Board
  • Technology enabled Teaching
  • Library
  • Modern Canteen
  • Transport Facility Available within 10 km radius
  • WiFi enabled campus
about us

Director's Message

"Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one"

Global Pratibha International School Director

The very purpose of a good school is to recognise and nurture the hidden talents of their student and prepare them for future challenges with the required academic and leadership skills. My experience of 25 years in training students for NTSE, Olympiads, IIT, NEET has further emboldened this belief. Our endeavour at Global Pratibha International School is to nurture every child in a unique manner as per his/her potential.

 At GPIS the focus is the overall development of a child in holistic manners and education with purpose.

The present era is the era of digital technology where technology has the greatest impact on education and all possible domains be it social, economic or political. As we know that education is a lifelong process and in our present scenario, no one can imagine education without the digital skills. Development in artificial intelligence, robotics and genetic engineering is making the current workforce redundant and only those who are able to learn and train themselves with these technologies will be able to continue forward.

At Global Pratibha International School we ensure that all children at our campus inculcate a rapid learning aptitude and a competitive spirit from the very beginning. Global Pratibha International School aims to provide a holistic education and conducive atmosphere to every child for their emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual growth along with the ability to conquer future challenges. This will make our students future leaders which is the requirement for the future workforce.

I personally believe that every child is born talented and Global Pratibha International School is a talent factory where each student will hone talents and will ensure they use it in productive ways. This is only possible due to Global Pratibha International School being governed by Ex-IITians, IAS officers and eminent academicians.

Academic Incharge Message

"Every child carries a strong learning capability and inquisitiveness that has no limits."

Global Pratibha International School Director

I believe that students should be nurtured in such a way that they are able to express their thoughts and actions freely so that they can align themselves towards achieving greater horizons. At Global Pratibha International School, we focus on the holistic development of the child who is inquisitive in school and in the world beyond.

 Our curriculum revolves around transformative experience for students and teachers to deliver excellent outcome by providing the education that is encouraging, relevant and challenging that enables them to build their character, strength and knowledge and make them future ready because they are indeed the future of our society.

Mrs. Promila Esther is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in the field of education. A visionary, writer, educationist and an eloquent motivational speaker and trainer, who has created a childcare education program that focuses on the concept of self-inspired learning.

Her conviction and passion are to promote the academic, emotional and social well- being of her students. She believes that children should enjoy the learning and learning environment should adjust to the needs of the child. Truly, she is an educator with a difference.

Welcoming place that engages each Student

Global Pratibha International School aims to provide a holistic education in a conducive atmosphere to every child for their physical, emotional and intellectual growth.

At GPIS the focus is the overall development of a child in holistic manners and education with purpose.

GOF Academy

Expanding Horizons

  • To increase academic achievements for all students
  • To increase overall achievement for all students while moving significantly toward eliminating the achievement gap of racial and ethnic groups and students from weaker sections of our society.
  • To significantly increase the graduation rate
  • Increase the percentage of students graduating ready for post-secondary education and work
  • To employ the best teachers
  • Hire, develop, support and retain the best teachers in the nation.
  • To establish a safe and respectful school
  • Establish a safe school environment where students and teachers are respected and valued.
  • To provide family and community support
  • Establish strong family and community support with effective communications involving all internal and external stakeholders.
  • To deliver high quality support for all students and teachers
  • Continually enhance school performance through delivery of high quality school management, operational support, and customer service.

Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.

"Every child is unique with hidden potential"

GOF Academy

We keep these factors in mind to give each child:

  1. Clear Vision
  2. High Confidence
  3. Positive Output
  4. Inquisitive Mind
  5. Sound Habits
  6. Good Social and Moral Values
  7. Sense of duties and responsibilities

Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value

The kind of World we live in tomorrow depends entirely upon the type and quality of education of our children-today. Our highly skilled staff works together to develop and impart an integrated curriculum; the use of co-operative learning structures in the SMART TECH CLASSROOM, brings learning to life for all students especially the girls. The curriculum Vision of GPIS is guided by – CBIL (Concept Based Integrated Learning), VBIL (Value Based Integrated Learning), AIE (Art in Education), Concept Mapping Techniques, Modern Maths Techniques, Speed Reading, Experiential Learning Technique, CCE Programme, Health & Fitness Programme.

GOF Academy

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